Frequently Asked Questions


Good to Know
  1. Make sure instructions you give us are accurate. Please leave note about special items that may shrink or get damaged
  2. Make sure there is nothing sharp or toxic in the laundry bag for the safety of your garment and our cleaning team.
  3. Zip up all zippers and empty all pockets before putting your clothes in laundry bag. Some zippers are very sharp and some are fragile.
  4. All your account information is stored in our secure database. Security is our main priority when it comes to personal information. If you are using public or unsecure computer or network, log out from your account once you done with your order.
  5. If your bag is less than 10kg, you will still be charged minimum of CFA 7000
  6. If you reschedule or cancel drop-off/pick-up within less than 1 hr of actual delivery window, or if you aren't home for delivery and did not notify us in time there will CFA1000 additional delivery charge. If your order had any discounts applied to it, it will not be refunded ot restored if canceled
Can i use regular laundry bags for Klyna services?

Totally, you will also get one free Klyna bag after first order. However we encourage customers to only use bags with the shoulder strap, we care about our drivers and want them to get your bag safely through those tough stairs. Note that we will not pickup any bags that can't be sealed completely or broken. We care about your belongings and do not want you to be missing anything due to a broken bag.

Do you offer same day delivery?

Yes, in most area you are eligible for same day delivery if order is set for pickup in the morning.

What if I'm not able to be home during scheduled pick up and drop off windows?

If you have a change in your schedule, contact us immediately with new pickup and drop off times. Note if you move your pickup window to later, you must also move your delivery window to later, please let us know ahead of time

Will I get a refund if i cancel an appointment or not home during pick up window?

Yes. You will get a full refund if you cancel appointment within an hour of a pickup time. For those who fail to notify us in time, we will keep a CFA 1000 reservation fee


I have waited for 2 hours and my delivery person is still not here!

That is very unlike Liox experience. Please double check that this is indeed day and time your order was scheduled for by looking up your confirmation email we sent to you.
It's possible our driver is simply trying to park the car downstairs, however if we are running more than 15 mins late, please reach out to us at 212-203-6624 to confirm the status of delivery.

It's been a few days and my dry cleaning order is still not here!

That is a common issue with doorman buildings, we don't use paper tickets so your apartment number will be witten on the laundry bag, please tell your doorman to look for white Liox bag attached to a nicely packaged dry cleaning on hangers.

What are the latest and earliest you can pickup/deliver?

Currently we do 5:30 am - 12 pm morning and 6 pm - 10 pm evening shifts for pickup and delivery hours. You may choose any 2 hour window within those times. Example 6:30 - 8:30 am.

What is Klyna delivery area?

Anywhere withing Douala 2, 4 ,5 ,6. Other Regions will be coming soon.

What if i want my laundry delivered to my work or new address?

No problem, if you moved to a different address and it is within our service area, after we pick it up from you, simply change your account address and we will see the update in our system with the new address.

Washing and Drying

Can you hang dry my delicates?

Yes, hang dry items must be separated by a plastic bag within Klyna bag, so that we know which items should be hang dried. It is subject to additional charge of CFA 200 per piece. So if you order includes 15 pieces for hang dry, you will be charged additional CFA 3000

What temperatures you use for washing and drying?

We handle your clothes as our own, first we determine their material and colors and set such temperature for washing, that it doesn't fade during washing cycle. If there are heavy items like towels or sheets, we set drying on hot. If there are only light clothes like shirts, dresses etc. we set drying on medium

Can i ask to dry half of my clothes on low and half on hot

Since we don't charge for color separation we can only do it if your order is over 25 lbs. We can't dedicate 2 and more dryers for small orders. You may want us to hang dry some of your clothing.

I want my clothes to be washed with my own detergent, how do i do that?

You should put your detergent (not bleach) into our laundry bag, make sure you seal it tight, and leave additional instructions when making an order. Even when providing your own detergent, you will pay the same amount of money.

Can you hand wash my clothing?

When it comes to wash of delicate fabrics we always recommend dry cleaning, we do not offer hand washing at this time.

Dry Cleaning / Wash & Press

Do you offer wash & press shirts or launder shirts service?

Absolutely, its $3 per shirt to be washed and pressed. It is part of the dry cleaning order, either list number of shirts yourself (it's first on the list) or we can count them ourselves.

Will i be charged exactly the same price is listed here?

Prices listed on the order page are for a common description of an item. However we can not list all possible types of garment.

For items that are: extra heavy, long, extra-large or extra-small, bulky, fancy buttons, special fabric, leather or fur, there may be an extra charge since it requires extra attention or is different than the standard item of that kind.

Like the difference between a suit jacket and outter jacket could be minimal, however treatment and price varies.

However in 95% of cases we try to not charge anything extra and keep the cost as low as possible.

Can i order same day dry cleaning?

Unfortunately we can not provide the same day dry cleaning service at this time.

Commercial Laundry

Do you do laundry for businesses?

Absolutely, we work with many types of businesses and organizations in New York City

If your business needs clean towels, sheets, table covers or uniforms, rest assured that Klyna got you covered, please check this link to find out more about our commercial laundry services.

Do you provide towel / linen rental for businesses?

Yes. We have a towel rental service for white towels.


I lost one piece of clothing, i think it wasn't returned to me with my laundry.

Unfortunately, we can not insure each particle of clothing will not get lost in wash and fold service. We try to keep the best service possible and will do our best to accommodate you within reason. If you have a missing item, please contact us about your item with description either by phone or email and will try our best to track it. Also, we can not refund you on lost items. In the future, if you have an items in specific that are important, please notify us ahead of time in the instruction box for us to give special attention to.

I made a mistake with my order, but its already submitted, what can I do?

Contact us through the phone 699854141 or email at and explain your problem, we'll make any adjustments on your instructions.

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