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Benefits You Enjoy Working with Us

Here are some of the Benefits you get to Enjoy as a Klyna Employee in Cameroon. These are just some of the few extra benefits you get to enjoy but really the family experience is what we capitalize on.

Full Time Barister

Qualified Barrister to help you with quality legal advice and attend to your legal issues

Handsome Salaries

We know just how much it takes to make a living. Thats why we make our salaries and commissions better.

Free Laundry

you get to Enjoy 7 points of Laundry credit monthly.That's 7000 frs worth of savings

50% Medical Insurance

Your health as employee is an important concern to us. So we offer a 50% compensation on all your health bills

Further Your Education

To be better in life, you need to learn. So we offer free access to educational platforms like Akedemy

Numerous Gift

We always owe our employees for any extra steps taken to further the dream or maintain equality and justice

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